Lego Challenge Judging 2021

Here are the five categories for judging the Lego Challenge 2021 entries! Please let me know your top three choices for each category, either in an email or on the form that I put in your library mailbox. (The files below are PowerPoints, so they’re best viewed on a computer, rather than a phone.)

Thank you again so much for your help!

Here are the challenges, as described to the participants:

Main Challenge: “Tails & Tales” interpretation … Create a Lego scene that shows us what this year’s SLP theme “Tales & Tails” meant to you! (There are no expectations for this challenge, so let your creativity go wild!

Additional Challenge: Lego minifigures having adventures around your home! … Be creative: maybe a minifig is fishing into a bowl of goldfish crackers, maybe a minifig is climbing the tree in your yard to rescue a toy cat … the possibilities are endless!

Here are the entries: