2022 Summer Learning Program

Oceans of Possibilities, June 13 – August 6, 2022

Welcome! On this page, you will find information and several helpful links about the Summer Learning Program (SLP), including:

  • Here is our main Summer Learning Program landing page!
  • Weekly Mascot Map Clues
  • To register preschoolers, go here.
  • To register children (babies – grade 5), go here.
  • To register teens (grades 6 – 12), go here.
  • To register for our summer programs, both live and virtual, go here.
  • To watch recorded storytimes and programs from your favorite Hudson librarians, go here.
  • To view a variety of crafts and activities that our staff has made for you, go here.

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Weekly Mascot Map Clues

Octavia the octopus is our mascot for this year’s SLP! She will be hiding in the window of a different Hudson business each week, from June 13 – August 6. When kids find the octopus, they go in that business and get their map stamped. They return their stamped map by August 6 (the end of the Summer Learning Program) in order to be eligible for the prize drawing!

Octavia will explore her way around town and be in a new location each Tuesday morning through Saturday evening!

Each week, we will post a clue on the blog to help you figure out where she is hiding that week. The clue will be included below, right here on this blog page. Good luck and have fun!

If you need a mascot map, you can download and print one from here!

Week 1 (June 13 – June 19), Clue 1:

Is Octavia the octopus what you seek?
We want you to find her easily this first week!
If you get your SLP folder at our favorite place,
Look near the desk … you should see her face!

Week 2 (June 21 – June 26), Clue 2:

Where could Octavia be this week?
Well, in all of this heat,
She needed a cold treat,
So she headed down Library Street!

Week 3 (June 28 – July 3), Clue 3:

Frozen yoghurt last week was great!
For another treat, she just couldn’t wait!
So Octavia searched First & Main streets …
And nestled down with a sweet cookie treat!

Week 4, Clue 4:

Week 5, Clue 5:

Week 6, Clue 6:

Week 7, Clue 7:

Week 8, FINAL WEEK!, Clue 8:

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