Meet the Staff: Ms. Bethany

Ms. Bethany at Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

In today’s “Meet the Staff” post, we learn a little more about Ms. Bethany!

Ms. Bethany is a Youth Services Assistant who joined our staff last year. Her favorite things about working at the Hudson Library include all of the free resources that are available to patrons, as well as working with “amazing people who love to help others.”

Like many of her colleagues, she enjoys reading children’s books. Her favorite storybook is Frog & Toad Together, while her favorite storybook character is Tigger.

In her free time, Ms. Bethany loves to read a variety of fiction, especially something scary with a plot twist, graphic novels, or books that help her see the world from someone else’s perspective. Her other hobbies include video games, photography, and watching movies.

Though she currently has no pets, she looks forward to the day when she can have dogs and guinea pigs.

Ms. Bethany’s favorite thing about being a library staff member is helping people find books they want to read and seeing their excitement about reading.

In addition to working at two different libraries, she is also pursuing her Master of Library & Information Science degree at Kent State University. Good luck, Ms. Bethany!

Fun fact about Ms. Bethany: She loves everything Pokémon… the video games, cards, movies, shows, everything! She has almost completed the Pokédex for every Pokémon there is in the video games.

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