Meet the Staff: Ms. Louise

In this installment of “Meet the Staff,” we catch up with Ms. Louise!

Ms. Louise loves being a youth services librarian because she gets to see so many wonderful kids learn and grow into bright, smart, kind individuals. Her favorite part is the look on a kid’s face when they start to understand just how much there is to learn.

“I love libraries because they open so many opportunities for people to do and learn just about anything. I owe everything I know to libraries!”

Her favorite storybook is Thank You, Omu by Oge Mor, while her favorite storybook characters are Strega Nona and Frog & Toad. In her spare time, she likes to read nonfiction, especially history. Graphic novels and tween realistic fiction are both close second favorites. She enjoys any book that gives her a glimpse into the lives of everyday people around the world and across time.  

Louise’s hobbies include quilting, puzzles, music, baking, and drawing. She lives in Cleveland and enjoys all of the free museums, art classes, and gardens the city has to offer.

She also enjoys playing with her cat Ketsi, who she describes as sweet, clever, playful, and talkative. “Ketsi knows two tricks, sit and come, and we are teaching her fetch! She loves it! All of her toes are different colors, and each foot looks like a little white sock!”

Fun facts about Ms. Louise: 

  • She has eleven library cards from systems all over the U.S.  
  • She plays the banjo.
  • Her past jobs have included being a gardener for clowns (where she learned ballooning), an art therapy assistant, a teacher assistant at a school for kids with disabilities in New Hampshire, a nanny in New York City, and more!  

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