Meet the Staff: Ms. Louise

In this installment of “Meet the Staff,” we catch up with Ms. Louise! Ms. Louise loves being a youth services librarian because she gets to see so many wonderful kids learn and grow into bright, smart, kind individuals. Her favorite part is the look on a kid’s face when they start to understand just how much there is … Continue reading Meet the Staff: Ms. Louise

Living Through an Infodemic with Teens

In a recent post, we addressed one of the greatest challenges of the present moment: the information (and misinformation) overload we experience each day.   The primary place we encounter this misinformation is social media, where the challenge of avoiding it is amplified by the very nature of these platforms, especially those frequented by teens. Content on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter comes directly from other users. We see their faces, … Continue reading Living Through an Infodemic with Teens

Meet the Staff: Ms. Laura

Welcome to our very first installment of “Meet the Staff,” with our fearless leader, Ms. Laura! Ms. Laura has been working at the Hudson Library for 18 years. She started in Circulation, then became a Youth Services Assistant, then a Youth Services Librarian, and now has been Head of Youth Services for three years. Ms. … Continue reading Meet the Staff: Ms. Laura

Emotional Resilience Through Picture Books

Raising healthy children requires not just providing for their physical health, but also their mental health. In order for any individual to develop and maintain good mental health, they need a set of skills and attitudes known as emotional resilience, or the ability to cope with failure, difficult feelings, traumatic events, significant life changes, and … Continue reading Emotional Resilience Through Picture Books


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